Event review of the 4th Conference of Applied Hygiene, Microbiology and Virology

Event review of the 4th Conference of Applied Hygiene, Microbiology and Virology

Veranstaltungsrückblick - Event review - 4th Conference of Applied Hygiene, Microbiology and Virology

Hygiene & Medizin | Volume 44 | 3/2019 | p. 54-55: Already for the fourth time, Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie organized in cooperation with Life Science Nord GmbH the "Conference of Applied Hygiene, Microbiology and Virology" at the Ameron Hotel in the Hamburger Speicherstadt (Hamburg, 22 - 23 November 2018). The now internationally recognized event was aimed in particular at specialists from the fields of "Research & Development", registration of biocidal products, manufacturers of medical devices, representatives of testing laboratories and representatives of authorities. The aim of the event was to provide a platform for open exchange and knowledge transfer between industry representatives, laboratories and registration specialists.

The more than 100 participants from 18 countries were able to find out about the innovations in the Biocidal Products Regulation and the current and future developments in the field of evaluating the efficacy of biocidal products. The event opened with a vivid introduction to the world of microbiology and efficacy evaluation.

In the further course Dr. Florian H. H. Brill gave a detailed overview of the many aspects to consider during product development and registration of a biocidal product. The key elements of the ECHA Guidances document were presented with regard to the efficacy assessment of biocidal products for the areas PT1-5. Furthermore, current revisions of already existing EN standards for assessing the efficacy of biocides as well as the norms appearing in the near future were discussed.

This year's Key Note Speaker Dr Lonne Gerritsen presented strategies for the formation of product families under the Biocidal Products Regulation. Product families have the advantage that the approval of the products is simplified because only one product family must be approved and not every single product. She also focused on the establishment of efficacy evaluation strategies for these product families.

As a further Key Note Speaker, Dr. Markus Dettenkofer and Prof. Johannes Knobloch provided important insights into prevention strategies against multidrug-resistant pathogens in everyday clinical practice and in the practice-oriented evaluation of disinfection processes in the real clinical field. In the other sessions, many current topics were also addressed. For example, there has been widespread talk about the emergence of resistance or more specifically about antibiotic-resistant tuberculocidal pathogens. However, regulatory issues were also presented, such as presenting what data needs to be collected in order to successfully complete product approval. In addition, the various workshops discussed practical issues such as: "How clean is clean?" when it comes to the reprocessing of medical devices or "How to control or reduce the bacterial load in cosmetic products?".

Finally, this year's conference was rounded off with a tour of the historic Hamburger Speicherstadt and a visit to the Plaza of the Elbphilharmonie. During the subsequent dinner, the participants also had the opportunity to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere and to let the day fade away.

In summary, the successful event provided a first-rate opportunity to meet the urgent need for dialogue on the topics mentioned in a relaxed, informal atmosphere through the meeting of highly respected experts in the respective fields of applied hygiene, microbiology and virology with the actual users and industry representatives to enable. In order to continue this dialogue, the 5th Conference on Applied Hygiene, Microbiology and Virology will take place again at the Ameron Hotel in Hamburg's Speicherstadt on 7 - 8 November 2019. In this context, we would also like to thank the sponsors of this year's event BioGenius GmbH, Dr. Weigert and GOJO Industries, Inc. We also want to cordially invite all interested parties to our conference next year.

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