Advantage of pH neutral peracetic acid over peracetic acid in reduction of viable count of biofilms

Dezember 2019
B. Meyer, S. Eschborn, M. Schmidt, H. Gabriel, F.H.H. Brill
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Journal of Hospital Infection, Published online: December 20, 2019

Biofilms present a challenge in flexible endoscope reprocessing (1). High level disinfectants have only a limited effect against biofilms in endoscopes (2). Peracetic acid is frequently used for reprocessing of flexible endoscopes. It has advantages compared to glutaraldehyde in avoiding build-up of biofilm in endoscope channels, due to reduced protein fixation (3). To assess benefits of using a pH buffered peracetic acid in removing biofilm, we compared unbuffered and pH buffered peracetic acid solutions for their potential to reduce colony counts of biofilms.