Antifouling biocides in German coastal & inland waters – How reliable are exposure prognoses of EU-scenario models for marinas?

September 2017
B Watermann, D Daehne, C Fürle, A Thomsen
Bibliografische Daten 
Umweltbundesamt, Reihe Texte 88/2017, FKZ 3711 67 432

Reliable data regarding the amounts of leisure boasts and number of berths in marinas are needed for the EU biocidal products regulation of antifouling products. Since for Germany such data are lacking, a national survey was initiated by the German Federal Environmental Agency. The survey counted 206279 leisure boats, of which 71% is located in freshwater, 26% in brackish water, and 3% in salt water. High densities of boats were found at the western Baltic Sea, Lower Elbe, Mecklenburg Lake District, and Lake Constance. Antifouling concentrations were measured in selected marinas. MAMPEC was used to predict antifouling concentrations, and results the compared to measured concentrations.