In-vitro activity of active ingredients of disinfectants against drug-resistant fungi

Juli 2019
R. Stauf, Daniel Todt, Eike Steinmann, Peter Michael Rath, Henrik Gabriel, Jochen Steinmann, Florian Brill
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Journal of Hospital Infection

The biocidal activities of peracetic acid and ethanol were tested against nine clinical fungal isolates and four reference strains. Ethanol was active (≥4.0 log10 reduction) against yeasts at a concentration of 50% v/v and against moulds at 80% v/v. Exposure times in both cases were 1 min. Peracetic acid was active as a 0.25% solution against yeasts and as a 0.5% solution against moulds; exposure times in both cases were 5 min. Compared with the reference strains, clinical isolates, including multi-drug-resistant strains, showed similar or higher sensitivity to the active ingredients of disinfectants in vitro.