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Dr. Brill Academy

The Dr. Brill Academy has been founded in order to provide and share our know-how with our customers and partners. We either provide our own seminars where our internal experts as well as guest speakers cover different topics or our experts speak at specialized conferences on various topics. 

This section is designed to inform you about the recent seminar offers of the Dr. Brill Academy that we provide together with our well-known partners.

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7. Feb 2019 to 8. Feb 2019

Biofouling and biocorrosion in the marine sector - challenges and protective measures

The seminar intends to transfer know-how in the basics of microbiology and biology in the maritime sector. It includes the microbiological challenges of fouling as well as biofilm formation and biocorrosion on maritime structures including ships, offshore platforms, and renewable energy plants. In addition, the up to date practices orientated test methods for antifouling systems as well as prevention of biofilm and biocorrosion will be presented by the expert speakers. The last session on the second day will cover latest research results in the field of antifouling and biocorrosion. The seminars target group includes scientists that are responsible for research and development as well as registration of biofouling paints, coatings, and other systems. Also ship owners, dockyards and planner and operators of offshore wind farms are kindly invited. The venue is Bremen. We will inform you about further details separately.

450.00 € *
Plätze verfügbarSeats available

Hygienebeauftragte/r E-Learning

Ausbildungsinhalte E-Lerning Kurs (Auszug):   - Gesetzliche und normative Regelungen   - Qualitätsmanagement   - Nosokomiale Infektionen   - Haut-, Schleimhaut- und Wundantiseptik   - Persönliche Hygiene, Schutzkleidung und -ausrüstung   - Desinfizierende Flächenreinigung   - Hygienemaßnahmen bei infektiösen Patienten   - Prävention von nosokomialen Infektionen   - Hygienegrundsätze in Funktions- und Risikobereichen   - Aufbereitung von Medizinprodukten   - Schutzimpfungen, Personalschutz und Sofortmaßnahmen   - Krankenhaushygienische Begehungen und Analysen  

499.00 € *
Plätze verfügbarSeats available