Our partner for hygiene management in old-age and nursing homes.

Our partner for hygiene management in veterinary clinics.

Our partner for quality management and occupational safety.

Our partner for the registration of pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Since 2011 we are an active member of the VUP e.V. who is the industry association of the accredited, independent laboratories.

We are sponsoring member of the assocation who supports the children and youth institution House of Hope in Malawi.  

External Qualified Person (§ 14 AMG)

External Qualified Person (§ 14 AMG)

Our partner for training courses.

Chemical and physical test laboratory for e. g. water, food, agricultural products and environmental samples.

Our partner for the chemical and physical testing of biocidal products.

Our partner for testing of biogenous corrosion of concrete and plastics by sulphuric acid.

Life Science Nord

GAB Consulting, partner for the authorisation of biocidal products

Consulting and training in applied hygiene, microbiology and chemistry

Unser Partner für Partikelmessungen, Reinraumqualifizierungen und Hygienebeurteilungen gemäß VDI 6022

Praxis Hospitalstrasse - Unser Betriebsphysiotherapeut