Antifouling and Biocorrosion

Antifouling und Biokorrosion

Antifouling and Biocorrosion

We are experts for efficacy testing of biocide-free as well as biocidal antifouling systems and for material testings for biogenous sulphur corrosion. Furthermore, we support you with the clarification of corrosion damages and evaluate the risk of biocorrosion by using field studies.

Laboratory services in the field of antifouling and biocorrosion

Type Number Title

ASTM E1839-13

Efficacy of Slimicides for the Paper Industry – Bacterial and Fungal Slime


Examination of surface topography on material samples by atomic force microscopy


Visualization of biological structures after selective coloration by DAPI, Syto, Live-Dead


DIN EN 1484

Quantitative determination of total (in)organic carbon by TOC analyzer (TC, IC)


Quantification of biological and chemical metabolic heat by microcalorimetry


Chemical and microbiological examination of corrosion damage


Examination on microorganisms relevant to corrosion: anaerobes

Examination on microorganisms relevant to corrosion: aerobes

ASTM 6990-05

Static panel test in sea water during winter


Determination of dry weight of the fouling community


ASTM D 5618-94

Determination of adhesion of barnacles


ASTM D 6990-03

Field testing by test patches on ships


Static panel testing in seawater of subtropical or tropical water


Static panel testing in freshwater


Rapid test on barnacle settlement


Dynamic Panel testing in sea water


ASTM 6990-05 (2011)

Static panel testing in seawater

Microbial induced corrosion

according to Sand et al.

Examination on biofilm formation and biocorrosion in water transport systems e.g. steel or concrete water pipelines, ships, wind power plants

  • Consulting in the fields of water, biofouling and biokorrosion

    We assist you with all questions that might come up related to hygienic challenges of water piping systems in the field of drinking water as well as in the marine area or industrial production systems. In addition, we prepare ris assessment reports according to TrinkwV 2001/2012.

    We evaluate your corrosion damages in water piping systems e.g. steel or concrete and support you with the determination of counteractions and decontamination and restricting.

    Baustahl Spundwand Korrosion
    Biocorrosion of metallic and mineral materials
    Biogene Schwefelsäure - Korrosion (BSK)
    Biogene Schwefelsäure - Korrosion (BSK)

Training and education in the field of water and biocorrosion

Please find below-stated public seminars as well as topics for in-house trainings. 

Current Dates

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22. Nov 2018

4th Conference of Applied Hygiene, Microbiology and Virology

690.00 € Plätze verfügbarSeats available
7. Feb 2019

Biofouling and biocorrosion in the marine sector - challenges and protective measures

450.00 € Plätze verfügbarSeats available