Consulting in the field of disinfectant and antiseptics

As your external microbiological department we will support you by offering comprehensive consulting services related to all questions concerned with hygiene and microbiology in the field of general hygiene, process water hygiene, personnel hygiene, microbiological quality control and preservation of cleaning products.

For disinfections and antiseptic we support you by registering projects from the idea to the market launch. Licensing and registration respectively are done:

for instrument cleaning agents and disinfections according to the medical device law (Medizinproduktegesetz) (preparation of the technical documentation)

for surface and hand disinfections as well as water treatment products according to the EU biocidal guideline (preparation of the technical documentation PT 1 to 5). In addition, we take care of the registration process in European countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, etc. were we work according to the current national laws and regulations.

for hand and skin disinfections, wound and mucous membrane antiseptics as well as products classified as pharmaceutical drugs, we accompany you with the registration of pharmaceutical drugs together with our external partner YES Pharmaceuticals.

In addition, we are more than happy to support you with the optimization and/or restructuring of cleaining agents and disinfection processes in your facilities. We can also validate these by including our laboratories.