Human and Veterinary Hygiene


Human and Veterinary Hygiene

According to WHO “hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases”. Recent outbreaks and epidemics including the world-wide challenge of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms document the importance of modern and efficient infection prevention and control measurements. Up to date procedures are the central and essential quality marker for human and veterinary medicine facilities. The WHO campaign “clean care is safer care” is the major global movement in this regard. For a proper hygiene management, we provide laboratory as well as training and consulting services for human and veterinary facilities. If you want to document an outstanding focus for infection prevention and control, we recommend our Infection Prevention and Control Accreditation Program ICAP.

Laboratory services

Type Number Title
Environmental control

DIN 10113-1*

Determination of surface colony count on fitment and utensils: Quantitative swab method

Environmental control

DIN 10113-2*

Determination of surface colony count on fitment and utensils: Semiquantitative swab method

Environmental control

DIN 10113-3*

Determination of surface colony count on fitment and utensils: Semiquantitative method with culture media laminated taking up equipment (squeeze method)*

Environmental control

In-house method*

Determination of airborne microbes by air sampler*

Environmental control

In-house method*

Determination of airborne microbes by sedimentation method*


DIN 10507*

Lebensmittel – Sahneaufschlagmaschinen, Mischpatronentyp – Hygieneanforderungen, Prüfung


DIN 10512*

Lebensmittelhygiene – Gewerbliches Geschirrspülen mit Eintank-Geschirrspülmaschinen – Hygienische Anforderungen, Typprüfung


DIN 10510*

Lebensmittelhygiene – Gewerbliche Geschirrspülen mit Mehrtanktransportgeschirrspülmaschinen – Hygienische Anforderungen, Verfahrensprüfung

  • Consulting "hygiene in the health care sector"

    In this section you will find information about our consulting services in the field of hygiene in the health care sector as well as in the veterinary sector.

    In cooperation with the company IDEXX we offer you the implementation and supervision of hygiene management systems in veterinary as well as clinics. The service include the site inspection of the facility, the preparation of a status report including improvement suggestions, training of staff members and the development of a individual hygiene guidelines. If the hygiene quality is according to our requirements, we issue a hygiene certificate that can be posted on your website and displayed at your facility in order to use it as a marketing tool.

    In the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) as well as in India we offer you in cooperation with our subsidiary in Dubai our Infection Control Accreditation Program (ICAP). Health care facilities will be audited and evaluated according to defined methods that are based on international hygiene guidelines such as RKI, CDC, WHO, ECDC. In case of proven quality the facilities will receive a certificate in order to show the level of its infection prevention standards.

    We gladly advise you in case you have any questions concerned with hospital hygiene and the organization of hygiene processes.

    Hygiene in der Tierarztpraxis
    Infection Control Accreditation Program (ICAP)
    Infection Control Accreditation Program (ICAP)

Training courses "human and veterinary medicine"

Please find below-stated public seminars as well as topics for in-house trainings for employees of health care and veterinary facilities.

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